Kyodo Shuho Karate has martial arts classes in Canberra for students of all ages and all skill levels. Our mini samurai program is designed to introduce children between the ages of three and five to the exciting world of karate.

We help your child gain respect for fitness as well as assist them in building coordination, flexibility, strength, and the ability to focus. Additionally, we introduce basic self defence moves and bully awareness. Our goal is for our students to understand that bullying is not okay and provide them with tools to protect themselves from bullies. We integrate dance and songs into the program to keep things light and fun as well as to assist in mental development. Teaching beginners martial arts classes in Canberra to children is different from teaching teenagers or adults, as children require more supervision and a strong mix of different activities to keep from getting bored.

Adult Martial Arts Classes in Canberra for Competitions

If you have been practising karate, and are ready to start competing in local, national, and international tournaments, we have the adult martial arts classes in Canberra for you. Our trainers have over three decades of experience preparing students for tournaments, and we are affiliated with AKF, the only government body that provides a pathway to future Olympic aspirations.

Karate is going to be part of the 2020 Olympics, so the earlier you start training, the better prepared you will be, and the greater the chances you have of being part of the national team. Even if you are not interested in Olympic team tryouts, you can still benefit from our tournament preparation classes. We provide you with the opportunity to test your skills against others with similar experience and provide you with advance techniques. Our higher level martial arts classes in Canberra are strenuous and focus on helping you reach optimum fitness for peak performance.

Not only will you spar with other highly skilled students, but you will also have the chance to train with the highest calibre coaches in the country. We take karate seriously, and we expect the same from you if you are interested in training for competitions. If your skill level is not appropriate for competition, we can still help. If you are a teenager or adult interested in learning with us, you can enrol in our beginners martial arts classes in Canberra and take your first step toward mastery of the sport.

Regain Control with Karate

Today’s fast paced world can be overwhelming, and it can feel as if you are losing yourself and control over your life. This sensation is normal, and you can address it by taking beginners martial arts classes in Canberra.

Our courses focus on empowering you through physical fitness regimes as well as striking techniques. We offer a safe and controlled environment that allows you to re-centre yourself and find an inner focus you can apply to the outside world. Patience and discipline are essential aspects of our sport, and we help our students nurture these elements through breathing exercises, meditation, and focusing techniques. Enforcing these aspects of your being will help you become more confident, which in turn will make you feel better prepared to meet the challenges in your life.

We have martial arts classes in Canberra for adults as well as for children, regardless of skill level. Call us today for more information about when our next courses start.

Kyodo Shuho Karate-Do

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