Knowing how to protect yourself from unexpected attack is an important skill which you can learn by taking self defence in Canberra from Kyodo Shuho Karate. We have been teaching local residents the art of self-protection for several years, and have a variety of techniques we can demonstrate for you.

We start with basic observation skills to help you better understand your surroundings. Many attacks can be prevented by knowing how to spot potential dangers before they turn into something more. Identifying a dark area where an assailant could be hiding, and opening your vision to locate exits and escapes are an essential part of our Canberra self defence philosophy.

Once you have gained the necessary observational skills, we move onto more physical aspects. Our adult self defence training includes a fitness program because sometimes the best way to protect yourself is to run away, and the better shape you are in, the longer and faster you will be able to run away from would-be assailants. In addition to fitness training, we also instruct you how to strike with your fists and feet, as well as how to block blows and escape grips. We teach comprehensive Canberra adult self defence.

Canberra Self Defence for all Levels

When you enrol in one of our Canberra adult self defence courses, you can trust you will receive exceptional instruction, and we will place you with others of your skill level. We provide a safe place for you to practice your skills because we want you to be as comfortable as possible while you learn. The outside world can be scary, but we never want you to feel afraid when you are inside our Canberra facility.

Training with others of the same skill level helps you build confidence and allows you to measure your progress against others who have similar skills and experience. Having confidence is important for keeping a cool head in a stressful situation, and can provide the added edge you need to stay safe.

Our adult self defence courses in Canberra are intended to help you apply classroom skills to the outside world. To that end, we follow a clear program that progresses from basic skills and fitness to more advanced techniques. We cater to each student, assessing your abilities and progress as well as offering suggestions for improvement. We love seeing the joy on your face as you become more confident in your abilities as you master them. Whether you are a beginner or are looking to refresh and increase your self defence skills, we have a course in Canberra that is sure to suit your needs.

Feel Safe Anywhere

Canberra adult self defence is intended to provide you with the necessary tools to protect yourself in a variety of situations. Our mission is to help you gain the self-assurance required to meet any potentially dangerous circumstance with calm confidence. This idea applies to physical attacks from bullies or muggers, but also stressful situations at work.

You can’t punch a work problem, but our Canberra self defence program can teach you coping techniques such as breathing and focus. This focus will help you pause and reflect on other ways to approach and resolve the issue. Karate is a mental sport as much as it is a physical one, and we help you access both aspects to your fullest ability.

For the best self defence in Canberra, do not hesitate to speak with a friendly instructor at Kyodo Shuho Karate. We are here to help you feel safe no matter where life takes you.

Kyodo Shuho Karate-Do

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