2017 Term 3 Timetable

Effective July 17th - Sept 24th


Term 3 Timetable

School Holiday Timetable

Effective September 25th to October 8th


Mini Samurai

Mini Samurai (3yrs – 5yrs)

This program has been specifically designed to introduce 3 to 5 year olds to martial arts training. The program focuses on physical activity that will develop fitness, balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. It also includes basic self defence/anti-bullying awareness and develops teamwork, confidence and focus. Games, dancing and songs are also used to not only make it fun but assist mental development. This program is a feeder class for our Tough Tigers program starting at 5 ½-6 years of age depending on the child.

Tough Tigers

Tough Tigers (6yrs – 7yrs)

Structured, formal karate training with emphasis on developing good technique through games and a variety of activities. Our Tough Tigers are now at an age where physical and mental development allows for more formalized training. Its at this age where kids start to develop real confidence in themselves and their abilities. Classes are now separated based on ability and experience.

(W-Y) = White belt, Red belt & Yellow belt.

(Orange+) = Orange belts through to Brown.


Juniors (8yrs – 13yrs)

Focus, discipline and etiquette feature highly in this class with developing strength, flexibility, confidence and good character. This age group is now ready for training closer to the adult equivalent. Juniors are expected to be disciplined, attentive and courteous.Their training facilitates this via more advanced technique and drills. Juniors may also train with adults (parents) in selected classes throughout the week. Juniors are separated based on ability and experience,

(W-Y) = White to Yellow Belt.

(O+) = Orange Belt & above.


Adults Classes

Adult Beginner/Novice (14yrs+)

This class is for beginning students – White Belt, Red Belt & Yellow Belt (10th kyu) to (8th kyu).  The class focuses on the foundations of karate, developing good technical detail and physical conditioning before moving forward into the intermediate class.

Adult Intermediate/Seniors (14yrs+)

This class is for Orange belt (7th kyu) and above grade levels and builds on the solid foundation developed in the novice class. Students are now ready to learn new techniques and drills designed to both challenge and develop intermediate level skills. It is expected that students can now handle a higher intensity of training due to their time in novices..

Adult 3rd Kyu & above (14yrs+)

This is our highest level of training. Only students Brown belt and above can train in these classes. These classes are often more technical in nature but also of a higher intensity.

Adults Low Impact (40yrs+)

These classes were introduced to cater for students who love to learn but due to injury or age feel that the regular pace is too much. These classes introduce karate in a gentle manner with the focus on knowledge rather than athletic performance. We firmly believe that karate can be enjoyed irrespective of physical limitations. There is a place for everybody at Kyodo Shuho.

Junior and Adult (8yrs+)

These Classes Cater for Juniors and Adults. The juniors training in these classes are focused and capable of training alongside Adults. These classes are perfect for those who want to train with their kids.

Family Class (5yrs-Adult)

Open to all children under 12 years of age and also parents of KSK children. A fun atmosphere that still allows for a great workout for everyone!


Tournament Prep

Tournament Prep (8yrs+)

As a member club of the Australian Karate Federation our students have the unique opportunity to train with the highest caliber of karateka and coaches in Australia. This exposure can result in students qualifying to represent karate on a State, National and International level (World Karate Federation). With Karate’s inclusion in the Olympic Games in 2020 its important that our youth have an avenue to progress to this high standard. This class caters not just for the talented kids but also adults keen on competing and growing their karate skills.

Women’s Empower

Women’s Empowerment is a fitness class that incorporates striking, blocking, kicking and other self defence techniques in a safe and fun environment!

Taught by women for women, this class is for all levels of fitness and females aged 8 years and over. Bring your family, friends, work colleagues and get empowered!


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