Getting your kids started with karate can be something of a challenge if you don’t know the right classes in which to enrol them. When it comes to choosing a kids karate class in Canberra, should you enrol your child based on his or her age or skill level? Or should it be a mix of both those factors that drives your decision?

At Kyodo Shuho Karate, a club for kids karate in Canberra, these questions are ones we hear frequently. Some programs teach based on skill level alone, which means that age disparities can be quite wide at different levels. Depending on how long someone has been in karate and how fast they’ve progressed, they can reach a belt level that is higher than average for their age.

However, skill and knowledge are only part of the equation when it comes to choosing the right children’s karate classes in Canberra. Age, maturity, and physical development are also attributes that you should consider when deciding which karate class is ‘right’ for your child.

The Kyodo Shuho Karate Philosophy

At Kyodo Shuho Karate, we have structured our program in a way that we think delivers the maximum benefits regarding skill development, self-esteem, and overall engagement. Our classes follow an age and skill specific syllabus. The teaching methods in each course have been calibrated specifically to match the mental and physical development stages of students in specific age ranges. By using this strategy, we believe we create an environment where kids feel completely comfortable learning and mastering the skills we teach.

We split our kids’ karate classes in Canberra into three age ranges: Mini Samurai (for ages three to five), Tough Tigers (for ages six and seven) and Juniors (for ages eight to 12). By segmenting our curriculum in this fashion, we can offer smaller class sizes and address the individual needs of our pupils more directly. We also create a clear progression for students to follow with us over the years, with the goal of instilling a lifelong love of the martial arts.

So far, we believe this structure is working well for us! Our Mini Tigers program has made us the leading club for the 3-5 age range in all of Canberra. Furthermore, many of our athletes have gone on to train with some of Australia’s most elite development courses, after starting in our youth programs and work their way through the syllabus.

What to Do after Children’s Karate in Canberra

As you can see, we’ve created a good setup for kids karate in Canberra. However, what about if you have a teenager who wants to get started with martial arts? Or what if you want to learn karate yourself?

Don’t worry: in addition to offering a comprehensive karate curriculum for kids, we also offer adult classes. From teenagers to adults who are getting started with karate for the first time, all the way from teens and adults who are finding their way back to the sport after a few years off, we have courses structured to suit any need. To learn more, give us a ring on 0430 983 176 or (02) 6280 4912.

Kyodo Shuho Karate-Do

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